Last day in Kathmandu!!

This is the final blog from CAH 50. I thought  this nomen was self explanatory but will give the details here:  Cameron and Alison Holt had the best fortune to celebrate a 50th birthday with Tendi, our guide extraordinaire in Tengboche.  It has been a trip of a lifetime.  This is such an understatement. We leave Kathmandu later this evening  for Hong Kong and then back to Calgary via Vancouver. We are so looking forward to seeing our daughters and spouses and sharing this unbelievable experience with them. It is difficult to look back and remember highlights when you are still so very much a part of the present and the past has yet to truly sink in and refine and improve with age. How could it even be feasible that these experiences could be improved upon?

Alison and Cameron at the airport. Leaving for home!!
Alison and Cameron at the airport. Leaving for home!!

I thank Tendi for his superb guiding . You are a true leader in your field and will be a significant contributor to your country. I hope to return with June to do the Annapurna trek in several years and would hope that perchance one day, Charlotte and Emma will hike these same routes with you!

I thank my brother for his wonderful company and always his unfailing spirit to pursue a dream/ destination that may not have been  top of his  list! It has been fabulous Cam !

I thank my parents for all those childhood crazy family camping trips that perhaps instilled a love of this type of adventure. I remember the spirit of my father, Philip and smile. To June, Charlotte,Emma,Sue and Arden … another huge thank you for letting this happen. You are all wonderful.  We love you and so look forward to seeing you soon. Enough of the blog.     a.c. xxxxx