01 June- 2018: Trek to Dingboche,

The Rivendell hotel was wonderful, very clean and the food was amazing. The morning was full of mist, we couldn’t see anything despite that we left at 7:30 am. We left in a line joking anfild taking photographs and reached our destination in 2 hours and 15 minutes. The tea house were we took a break had a wonderful view and the weather was beautiful.


The service offered by Lakpa, Manish, Sangay and Mani Raj are mind blowing. They listen to oour need relentlessly. By lunch one of the member Raghu had a few symptoms of high altitude sickness and at the time we realized the value of having experienced leader in form of Ms. Mala and Lakpa who took the decision to left Raghu be safe by staying put at the tea house and Mala Mam like a true leader stayed behind to ensure his safety.

01 June- 2018: Trek to Dingboche
Dingboche Village


Rest of the journey was taken up by Lakpa for rest of the member and all of us were very nervous initially but slowly regained our speed. And we have settled tonight at another beautiful place Everest Resort, Dingboche.


I cannot think people like Mala, Lakpa, Mani, Manish & Sangya for making our journey so comfortable and enjoyable and not to miss safe.

– Mandeep