The day began at 8 with breakfast and a beautiful weather outside. During last evening and night, a lot of snow has fallen. We began trekking at around 8.40. It began going up immediately and layer of layer of clothes came off due to the bright sun shining on us. It was just a perfect day with white snow, a clear sky and the sun shining. All of us got a little sunburned today. Today we also saw the mountain that we are supposed to summit in a few days. It looks high and tough!!!! After a short break at Dukla for tea and cookies, it then began going up towards Lobuche. The climb after Dukla is tuff. Both lounges and legs hurt!! After that climb we came to the memorial point for climbers who have died on Everest. We arrived at Lobuche for lunch at 13.40. A quick shower made the mood go up. The afternoon was off, so we walked around Lobuche for a while in the sun before it set behind the mountains. The evening was spent in the warm dining room as usual. The evenings are mot late here, so at around 20.00 almost everyone is back at their rooms, and so were we.