After a night with not so god sleeping due to the tough trek yesterday, we woke up at around 7 and had breakfast at 7.30. Today our goal was Gorak Shep and Everest Basecamp. The trek starts quit easy with flat walking. Though, it was quit tiresome to walk due the snow that fell a few days ago, and that now had turned into either mud or icy tracks. The weather was as nice as yesterday with a bright sun shining on us all day long. We all are red in our faces!! J After just about 2.15 we arrived at Gorak Shep, our final destination before going back. We sat outside in the sun just enjoying the moment being there. After lunch we began trekking to Everest Basecamp. It is rather tiring to go to Base camp. You climb up and down rocks, steep ravines, and it does not make it easier due to the snow. After a couple of hours we finally reached base camp. A very emotional feeling for all three of us!! We were not alone there, and after some waiting it was our turn to take the obligatory pictures. We spent about ½ hour there before going back to the lodge at Gorak Shep. It is a little strange feeling that we have reached on of our goals for the trip, visit Everest Base camp. Seeing Mount Everest makes you small. Everest base camp is at 5364m, but Everest itself is 8848m, another 3800 up!! The evening was as usual spent in the warm dining room. Lights was out at 20.30.