This morning we could sleep a little longer due to that it was not a so long trek to the Lobuche high camp. We left Lobuche lodge at 8.30 in sunshine!! To reach the Lobuche high camp you can choose to routes, an easy one that takes around 4 hours and a little harder one that takes approx. 2 hours. After some discussion between our guides the said that we should take the harder, one and it was tough!!! At some parts it was really hard and we got to drag, push each other to manage some passages. Finally at 11.30 we reached highcamp. Some climbers were at that time coming down from Lobuche Peak and we applaud them as they arrived the camp. We took the opportunity to ask them about the climb to the summit. The weather turned worse and it began snowing and the wind picked up. Our guides quickly raised our tents so we could get some shelter. Have to tell you about or guides, porters, cooks, climbing guides etc. To help us reach the top there were no more than 8 people!!! The afternoon was spent in the tent just relaxing and listening to the snow and wind outside ant thinking: will we manage to reach the summit tomorrow if the weather doesn’t get better??  Luckily the weather got better at 17 and our climbing guides arrived and we had some lessons in how to user ropes on the mountain going up and down. We got some nice dinner at 18, and then we went into our tents preparing our self for tomorrow’s big adventure. Reaching the summit of Lobuche Peak East at 6119m!!!!!!!

Over and out from 3 happy trekkers.

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