Wednesday (20th November) – this is our last official ‘trek’ day even though our walking consists of numerous forays from hotel to Thamel (shopping district)! To sum up the whole experience I have asked the team to give me their overall thoughts as follows:

Dave : A tough but thoroughly enjoyable, life-changing, experience which allowed me to push all of my boundaries in a safe environment in order to achieve my personal best; to fulfil a dream to trek to Everest Base Camp taking a more difficult route which culminated in feeding my spirit of adventure.

Richard: This trek was the hardest thing I have ever done and the highest I will ever go. 

Jon: I learned to accept the cold and live with the cold but I couldn’t get used to putting factor 50 (sun cream) on every morning when the temperature was well below freezing!

Jake: Where were you while we were getting high?

Andrew: This was a body-punishing trek resulting in sublime memories.

Steve: To share my passion for the wild high outdoors with a team of really good, strong and uncomplaining men is something very precious.