Another day at Lukla due the bad weather!!

Awakening early for tea and breakfast we are anxious to board our flight out of Lukla for Kathmandu.  The clouds and fog visible from our window of the lodge however  suggest something completely different.   ALL FLIGHTS for the morning have been grounded in KAT!   No one will be leaving Lukla today.   Again the goraks circle overhead!    At lunch time, following our tenth cup of black tea, the whir of helicopter blades  can be heard. These private helicopters are the only means of transport taking to the skies.  Who should appear from one of these but none other than David Breashears along with all his camera equipments.  It would appear that the celebrated  Imax photographer is on yet another mission to document the wonders of Everest and the changes in the glacial ice.   For the remainder of the day  Tendi  has 3 phones on the go and is diligently trying to arrange a departure for us.  At what feels like an eleventh hour and a scene out of Miss.Saigon now becomes our reality … we are racing/ flip-flopping toward a helicopter pad.  Blades are spinning, dust is flying but we are not on board!  As the final chopper for the day departs, we remain standing on the heli-pad somewhat dazed and confused while Cam spies a new flock of goraks gliding overhead.    Back to Khubu Lodge for another several dozen cups of tea and mushroom pizzas.   An early night with promises of better weather for the next day and hopes of a plane seat.