Thursday the 5th of April.
We celebrate that all 9 of us made it safely to EBC.

At the same time, it is time for us to begin our return. We accomplish in one day what took us two hard days going up.
There are still ups and downs but we are proceeding down at a pretty quick pace. On our way out of EBC, we see a rainbow around the sun. Also, Logan spots a pair of Himalayan Cocks.

Apparently a big deal was made about “Fluff” the puppy at the Kallapathar lodge in Thukla. He did appear to have a rather potent command of the yaks with his mighty 7 pounds.


The last 2 hours of our path is along the Khumbu river walking in to Pheriche. It is very even and smooth. All of us finds ourselves silent in our thoughts. Conversation, when it happens, is rather deep.

Mt.Lobuche view from Pheriche

In Pheriche, we stay at the new and very lovely Hotel Pumare. Rest. Dinner. And a early night for all.