Friday the 6th of April.
We leave out of Pheriche stronger than ever. Even the mild complaints are magically gone as we build up speed toward home. We, again, experienced spontaneous bouts of group singing! The scenery around us is still a wonder.

It is important that we keep our eyes on our footing as it changes constantly but we also must take the time to pause and look around. It is surely worth it! (But, safety first) There is a little bit of weather to avoid so we spend a little extra time in a completely lovely tea house talking and looking at the Amazing HIMALAYA. (Oh, wow is us!)

The rest of our walk into Namche was dry and very nice.
We stay at the same hotel as on our way in, the Green Tara. It is very well appointed and pleasant. Many of us went to the shop of Mrs Lakpa Dolma to buy gifts for friends back home. She insists that we not call “ma’am” (as is our custom) but that we should call her “mom”.

She also instructs (there is not a choice here) to come by on our way out of Namche.
Some of us stay awake until AFTER 9 pm talking and playing games with each other and our guides.