Saturday the 7th of April.
It is with both joy and sadness that we face our last day on the trek in the Himalaya.
While smiling, our group is a little bit quiet as each finds their own introspective place.
This is actually the longest leg of our trek…. and that suits us well.

Our group is aged between 18 and 53. No one will go home the same person that arrived. There will be no small challenge for families back home to meet these new people. My own mind goes out to Leo who’s 18 year old is a different man.

It is cute to see different members of our group slow to sneak extra looks over the shoulder to see the mountains behind us.
All are eager to arrive in Lukla. None want to stop.


Dinner is a raucous affair of “remember” and “can you believe” and various forms of “next time”….

We fly back to Kathmandu in a few hours.