Joint Anglo American Exploratory Trek, Everest Region, Nepal 2014

Names Lists:
Steve Scott-Fawcett (Team Co-ordinator).
Jake St Pierre
Andrew Lawford
Richard Brownsell
Dave Greenwood
Jonathan Dolby
Bob Veno

Steve Scott-Fawcett – has many years experience of climbing and trekking in Nepal. Married to a native of the land, Laxmi, and based in UK and Pokhara.

Jake St Pierre – trekked upper Khumbu region in October 2010 and is a dedicated fitness instructor and mountaineer. He has a heart for people.

Richard Bownsell & Andrew Lawford – Mt Kilimanjaro ‘veterans’ (2013) and both are itching to conquer the Himalaya.

Dave Greenwood – ‘our novice’ high altitude trekker and general good soul.

Jonathan Dolby – the ‘dark horse’ of the team. No history of high level trekking but clearly fit and focused.

Bob Veno – The rescue specialist from Global Rescue, USA and travel lover.

Guiding Leader:
Tendi Sherpa
Ganesh Sharma
Chhiri Sherpa
Rabindra Tamang