Filming in Nepal

Filming in Nepal: Nepal is gradually becoming a cynosure for filming and related activities in the recent years and has been attracting filmmakers around the globe. The primary reasons behind this increasing craze are some breathtakingly unique geographical and socio-cultural settings, including:

  • A landscape stretching from tropical lowlands (60m) to the towering Himalayas including the majestic Mt. Everest (8848m), the highest mountain in the world
  • A cultural mosaic of more than 101 ethnic groups speaking 92 different languages and pursuing separate customs and traditions.
  • The birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and a melting pot of two greatest religions of the world (Hinduism and Buddhism).
  • A climatological wonder with amazing variation in climates in just 147,181 SQ. Km.
  • A paradise of flora and fauna (23.23 % of the land cover 10 national parks) interspersed with gushing Himalayan rivers, deep gorges, valleys and basins amidst magical sylvan verdant setting.
  • A mine of exotic legends, myths, philosophies, lore and ancient tantric and shamanic rituals.
  • A country of festivals and fanfares.


Filming in Nepal with MAI

MAI is a pioneer agency for handling filming crew in Nepal. In such a vast biodiversity country, we assist our crew to get related story and location in a very comfortable way. Our vast knowledge and experience permit us to handle filming crew in a professional way for vast research of the story. Finding appropriate characters for the film and documentary, assist hiring filming crew and equipment, scouting the location. We have been working with filming crew since 10 years. Filming in Nepal become easy while working with us.



Our Experiences for Filming in Nepal

MAI has broad experience filming Filming in Nepal. In a short time period, we are able to handle and organise big reality shows consisting more than 40 foreigners in a team. Ganesh Sharma and Mingmar Sherpa have been working as a Location manager, Line producer and correspond with the film productions company since a long time. Mainly worked for foreign productions companies for assisting filming in Nepal.

Ganesh Sharma has been working with many international productions company for filming in Nepal as a line producer and location manager. He worked for RSPB UK, KEO Film UK, Maximus Films GMBH Germany, Arcturus Motion Pictures USA, Plural Entertainment and El-Pais magazine, Spain, Indus films, Gillder Frontier, LLC with Hanesbrands, USA and many other projects.

Mingmar is a veteran high altitude video and photographer and summit Mt. Everest 4 times with different film production company by assisting a camera crew. Mingmar has experience working with 1996 IMAX Everest, Nova filming(WGBH), Associated press television news team, National geographic channel, Outside magazine USA, Arcturus motion pictures USA, Himalaya with Michael Palin(which seen on BBC & various channel), Working title Everest filming Expedition( Universal picture & Arcturus motion pictures), Altitude filming Everest Expedition (Atlantic production) recreation of the 1922 Mallory/Irving Expedition ( The Wildest Dream), Glaciers works 3D photography, Khumbu Glacier “2010” & Mt. Everest Arial 3D Expedition 2010.


Our Services for filming in Nepal


Location Scouting/Location Manager

Our Location manager will scout and guide you to the location needed or can reccee on your behalf and send you the location pictures to perch the story. As well as we instantly go to the location to collect the story as required without any service charge to make the shoot happen before the crew decide to come for the reccee.


Filming Permits

As soon as we get all the necessary information from our clients, we have to apply for permission in advance for filming in Nepal. Our relationship and past experienced enable us to get all kind of permits in Nepal in given time. However, it normally takes about more than 10 days to 20 days to get filming permit in Nepal. MAI is able to get filming permit within a week in order to provide quality services.

To get filming permit from the Ministry of Information and Communication, we have to have the following information.

  1. Application form
  2. Synopsis of the filming story.
  3. Crew members with bio-data and passport copy.
  4. Equipment List with values for customs clearance.
  5. Itinerary (Including Start Date of filming).
  6. CONSENT Letters of concerned organisations:
  7. (MAI will take all responsibilities to make your Consent letter).
  8. Authorization Letter Mega Adventures International Pvt. Ltd. as a local representative by the producer.


Instant Communication

Time factor affects a lot while working with the crew from the beginning of the communications. We guarantee to correspondence with the client as soon as we get the query from them. Our motto is to provide information between 1 hr. to max 24 hours as soon as we are in touch with our valued client.

Competitive Budget Estimates

Once we received estimate time and location details for shooting, we can calculate the estimates; within 24 hrs. We will be in touch with you along with guidelines and suggestions. Although Nepal is a cheaper destination for filming, numbers of agencies provide you expensive budget. Ask us once to know how comfortable we are on budget and price with same quality services other have been providing. By realising that a lot of shooting has cancelled due to high cost we are trying our best to give affordable cost in terms of bringing more film production in Nepal.

Customs Clearance

To clear customs of filming equipment coming other than Nepal,one need to have film permit along with the authority letter from Film Development Board. We help you to get the letter and help to clear customs duties of filming within 1 hour. By doing all paperwork in the customs clearance in airport or border of Nepal. Our team will be there in the airport before you arrive to finish all paper works in order to clear the equipment through customs promptly.

Visa Services

We help you to get your visa. If necessary our team will be at the immigration to assist you to get a visa. You can get a visa upon arrival in Kathmandu TIA immigration.


Accommodations and transportation should be arranged properly to complete the act of shooting in certain time boundary. Depending on a shooting location, we will arrange your accommodation in the best location. If it is near from the town definitely it will be arranged in the best hotel from where it will be easy access to the location. If your shooting is in a remote area we will arrange camping. Where all the meals will serve from our camp, prepared by our professional cook. To make your shooting travel comfortable, we arrange all hotels, transportation in advance as per your request. Regarding transportation, we have a car, van, 4 wheel jeep, bus etc. upon your request.

Filming Equipment/ Logistic Supply

Nowadays Nepal is becoming a good spot to hire filming equipment. However, our experience tells us that while filming in Nepal, most of the crew and companies bring necessary equipment themselves. Like a professional camera and sound recording system. If you want to be free for air cargo then you can also hire equipment in Nepal.

You can get Cine Arri III 35 mm, super 16, RED camera, different Panasonic & Sony cameras, HDSLR, HDV to Audio Equipment, Grip Equipment, etc. We also help you to get generators and walkie talkies radio for an outdoor shoot.



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 ●“EIN HERZ FUR KINDER”By Sebastian Kolodziej for Talpa Germany GmbH
 ●“VULTURE RELEASE CONSERVATION” – Releasing vulture by taggingBy Robin Hill for RSPB UK and BCN Nepal 
 ●“SOS “JOURNEY FOR LIFE””Olof Axel Garp from OTW for SOS Children Villag
 ●“Det största äventyret 2017″By Mastiff AB for TV4 & TV2, Sweden and Norway.
 ●“The Hidden Tiger – Plight of the Captive Tiger” By Michael Samstag from Rescue Docs Media, USA.
 ●“UNHCR Safe Road Use” By Chime Communication, UK
 ●“Dangerous Road” By Maximus Film for Galileo TV, Germany
 ●“Germany Meets Nepal” By Maximus Film for Galileo TV Germany
 ●“Dropped – Hellenes camp” By Mastiff, Norway for TV2
 ●“Dropped – The greatest Adventure”By Mastiff AB, Sweden for TV4
 ●“Testimony of a victim and human rights defender” By TRIAL
 ●“Dangerous Way to School”By Maximus Films GMBH for German TV channel ProSieben
 ●Honey Hunting Filming in NepalBy Maximus Films GMBH for German TV channel